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Single Sign On and Its Integration With MS365

Single Sign On and Its Integration With MS365

As we explored in our previous article, your IT team’s duties have gradually grown in complexity alongside the advancements in the capabilities of – and our reliance on – technology, and this has only increased the pressure that they are under. We took a look at SSO and its ability to alleviate the stress that passwords bring to your team’s digital experience. We will now delve deeper into SSO and its integration with the Microsoft suite of tools.


Microsoft 365 integration with SSO

Your users can use the same Microsoft credentials when synchronised with their Microsoft 365 account. Problems arise when someone forgets their password; constantly guessing not only wastes time but is also counterproductive, and the monotony of repeatedly entering the same credentials across every app is enough to annoy anyone.

SSO allows users to log in using Active Directory Credentials

SSO enables users to log into their account using their Active Directory credentials, allowing them to not have to re-enter their details repeatedly. Time can be saved and your team will continue being productive. Now, let’s take a closer look at Microsoft 365’s native function within Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure and SSO

The Azure Active Directory allows users access to their applications with SSO from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, on any device, through a centralised portal. With your team working in harmony with the system from anywhere in the world, they can produce more, better quality work. With Azure and SSO your team will have instant access to some of the world’s best and most popular applications seamlessly.

With Microsoft Azure and SSO the possibilities really are endless.

Access pre-integrated apps

With Microsoft Azure and SSO you can connect your Software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps using their gallery; this makes your working environment much more seamless and productive.

Scale IT efficiencies
Self-service password reset tools are made possible with Microsoft Azure and SSO. Guarantees can be made – a dangerous thing to do for any business, but you can tell your team that they can enjoy reduced support times and actually mean it – in the process, minimising your overall cost. This can be beneficial in a multitude of ways, but the biggest is the availability to use your limited resources on activities that are of higher value to the organisation.

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory Seamless SSO allows you to sign in your team automatically if they are on a device that is connected to your corporate network. SSO is constantly saving your team time, as, without having to repeatedly sign into the Azure ID, your team can spend the time that they would normally be typing in their password and – in some cases – their username on more productive tasks.

Technology – if implemented and managed effectively – can revolutionise your workplace and elevate your organisation to new heights. If you purchase the right tools, they will complement each other and work in unison to better your business, and they have the ability to change the way your team view and use IT, which will help them to better their levels of productivity and security.

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