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Business challenges

Need a more efficient and flexible system?

By embracing the cloud, your company will evolve into the modern workplace and provide your employees with the most cutting-edge and effective collaboration and communication tools. The Cloud is an accessible, streamlined, and effective replacement for the current storage options used by your company.

Limited Features?

You could be passing up possibilities to grow and streamline your present workflow because of antiquated technology.

Overpriced Systems?

It might be difficult to determine how much to invest with technology constantly developing.

Zero Scalability

Are your present systems inadequate for your company's continuous expansion and restricting your options for success?

Do you struggle to manage Access?

Does everyone in your business have access to all of the files posing a potential security risk?

Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?

Reliable cloud services

Our Cloud Services

Unlimited flexibility

Your Cloud Services can have their scale dynamically altered as needed to accommodate changes in your business’s demand.

Improved transparency

The responsibilities of each of your job tasks may be clearly defined, allowing for simple communication and enhancing your overall efficiency. This considerably reduces micromanagement.

Increased productivity

Teams are better equipped to focus their time where it truly counts and achieve new heights by automating their tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Cloud collaboration

Your staff can be empowered to cooperate more effectively – By uniting teams in a single workplace, the Cloud eliminates obstacles to communication and collaboration.


Our fab feedback

"Rachel McLane Ltd has worked with Armco IT for several years now and they have helped with our growing business and subsequent IT requirements. They have always been able to assist with any IT issues, large or small, and have offered impartial advice when discussing changes to the way in which we work as a business.

They offer a friendly and non-intimidating service and are always at the end of the phone when needed."


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Elevate your business with the power of Cloud

Microsoft 365 is a powerful cloud based productivity and collaboration platform that empowers businesses to reach their full productive potential. With integrated business tools from the Microsoft Office suite on the cloud, an enhanced work experience is on offer that enables AI-driven automations, live-document editing, automatic backups, integrated security measures, and much more.

Office Apps

Access the full suite of traditional MS office apps in one handy and integrated platform. Including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Sharepoint, Publisher and more.

MS Teams

Make collaboration a seamless breeze, with Microsoft Teams. Bring your teams together under one communication platform packed with powerful features including video calling, channel and team management, document uploading, and live in-document collaboration. 


Expand your team and Microsoft services at the push of a button. Pay for what you use and leverage features that enable you to rollout changes across your MS 365 platform seamlessly. 

Regular Updates

Microsoft 365 is continually updating with new features, versions, and security updates that continually refine and secure the platform.


Microsoft 365 allows documents to be edited in real time and they save automatically. Access revision histories of your live documents and if needed, revert them back to a previous version. 

Cloud Security

Enjoy robust protection features from Microsoft, including multi-factor authentication, access control management, and encryption of your files and communications. 

AI Features

Microsoft 365 comes complete with personalised AI-driven features such as design suggestions, personalised insights, and the ability to automate workflows using the Power Automate tool.

Tailored Solutions

We will consult closely with your business to create a tailored and smoothly implementable solution that gets the best from Microsoft 365 for your business.


We map our where your data is stored in order to make sure that it is all backed up into a bespoke and secure backup solution.

Regular testing

We undertake regular backup restoration tests to ensure that your backed up data will be reliably retrievable if it is ever needed.

Data backup

We map out your data to ensure it is stored
securely into a bespoke backup solution.

All devices

Our Cirrus5 backup service solution backs up data from your servers, PCs and laptops so that it is all securely backed up.


Our backup solutions scale seamlessly with your business. 

Always ready

Whenever you need backups restored across your business or for a particular device, we will be ready to restore it for you, enabling you to get back on the road quickly.

Backup & recovery

Securely store & backup your data, should you ever need it

It is critical to have secure and regularly updated data and system backups so that you can get your business back online should the unexpected happen. Our robust and regularly tested business continuity and disaster recovery solutions ensure that should you ever need it, your data will be retrievable.  

Cloud servers

Cost-effective Cloud hosting solutions

We offer a range of cloud-hosting services, including for Microsoft 365, email and web hosting solutions. We take care to proactive monitor your cloud hosting so that you’re always getting the best from it. Our solutions are also tailored to maximise the cost-effectiveness and performance of your hosting solution. 

Hosted telephony

We offer hosted telephony solutions that can be configured to meet your needs; prioritise your telephony services in your hosting solution for uninterrupted connectivity. Enjoy the ability to scale your telephony with ease. 

Virtual storage

Virtualise your servers for maximum efficiency, reliability and scalability. Pay for what you use with a cost-effective hosting solution. 

Secure hosting

Our cloud hosting solutions are wrapped in industry-leading cybersecurity measures that keep your hosted data and systems secure. 

All devices

Our Cirrus5 backup service solution backs up data from your servers, PCs and laptops so that it is all securely backed up.


Our cloud hosting solutions can scale rapidly and securely with your business. 

Cost effective

Cloud hosting solutions are highly cost-effective and efficient compared to traditional hosting solutions.