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Business challenges

Cyber threats are evolving, is your business ready for them?

Ensuring the success of your organisation hinges on the critical aspects of network and data security. Unfortunately, many businesses operate under a false sense of security, potentially leaving their crucial corporate data vulnerable. If you find yourself concerned about the integrity of your data, it might be time to invest in modern, proactive security measures, including compliance with frameworks such as Cyber Essentials.

Is your data secure?

If you have access to clients data then you need to ensure that it is secure. Without proper oversight over your network and systems, your business risks having security gaps that cyber criminals can exploit.

Do you have adequate Cyber Security in place?

Can you be certain that your present systems are still effective, given the increase in the number of cyberattacks and their sophistication every year?

Have you experienced costly recoveries?

More and more companies are having to spend a lot of money recovering from a cyberattack due to a lack of preventive help.

Do your employees have adequate Training?

The first line of defence in terms of cyber security is your staff. You should have complete faith in your team's capacity to recognise dangers.

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Robust cyber security solutions

Our Cyber Security Services

Backup & Restoration

Rest assured, with the utilisation of products such as Arcserve and Hornet 365 Total Backup, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your systems can be swiftly restored, effectively minimising any potential downtime, even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Security Training

With our expertise and specialised IT training, we empower workers to recognise and understand dangers, making them your strongest security asset. Our Security Awareness Training includes concise presentations on cybercrime, safety, and SAT products like KnowBe4, Usecure, and Hornet’s Security Awareness Service.

Network Security

To ensure comprehensive protection for your network perimeter defences against external threats and secure all sensitive data, we meticulously configure, administer, and monitor them. Our approach incorporates a multi-layered protection strategy, utilising products such as Hornet and Heimdal.

Secured Access

We guarantee top-notch security for your login activities through robust security measures, including encryption, enhanced password protocols, VPNs, Endpoint Protection, and reinforced by effective firewalls like Ubiquity and UniFi Dream machines.

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"Being able to consult the Armco team on day-to-day computing matters as well as long-term IT planning has been invaluable. Their proximity means they can deal with problems immediately and they are continuously making suggestions for streamlining our business and saving money. We regularly involve them in our planning meetings and their friendly approach and expertise makes them easy to deal with."


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Cyber defences

Robust Cyber Security solutions that secure your business

We prioritise your business’s security with a comprehensive Cyber Security suite, including multi-layered network protection (Hornet, Heimdal) and advanced firewalls (Ubiquity, UniFi). Our vigilant monitoring ensures swift responses to potential threats, offering peace of mind with cutting-edge technology safeguarding your digital assets.


We work closely with your business to understand its infrastructure so that we can deploy encompassing and tailored cybersecurity measures to keep it all secure. 

Endpoint protection

we deploy robust cybersecurity measures that detect, prevent and thwart cyberthreats that try to use devices connected to your network as access points. 


Our intelligent Information Security Operations Centre (ISOC) monitors your network for irregularities, allowing us to detect and thwart potential threats. 

Security testing

Our internal and external vulnerability testing solutions simulate access attempts and attacks across your network to find any security gaps and vulnerabilities, enabling us to address them. 


We implement security updates across your network to ensure it is equipped to be resilient against the latest threats. 


We implement advanced firewalls that monitor and regulate traffic in and out of your business's network, keeping it secure from unwelcome intruders. 

Security training

Kapersky lab suggests that 90% of cyber attacks happen due to human error. We train your users to identify and respond effectively to common and more sophisticated versions of phishing attempts, keeping your network secure from malicious access.

Simulated attacks

We don't just train your people, we put them to the test with simulated attacks that verify your organisation's cyber awareness, while coaching them based on their responses. 


Gain insights into your organisation's cybersecurity awareness with reporting on your team's results and progress as they learn to identify and deal with cyber threats.

Cyber training

Make your people your greatest Cyber Security asset

Armco IT Consulting specialises in empowering your workforce through comprehensive Cyber Security training programs, transforming your staff into invaluable security assets. Our tailored training includes engaging presentations for both employers and employees, covering topics such as the various types of cybercrime, essential safety practices, and insights into Security Awareness Training (SAT) products like KnowBe4, Usecure, and Hornet’s Security Awareness Service.

We go beyond industry standards, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to proactively defend against the evolving threat landscape. Trust Armco for a Cyber Security training strategy that not only meets but exceeds your organisation’s security needs, making your staff a resilient and dynamic line of defence.

Policies & processes

Robust Cyber Security policies you can rely on

Harmonise your personnel, technology, and workflows by adopting robust and comprehensive Cyber Security policies offered by Armco. These policies, supported by monitoring mechanisms, enhance your data protection and compliance initiatives.

Armco IT Consulting ensures your business is prepared to confront the complexities of contemporary cyber threats, incorporating adherence to frameworks such as Cyber Essentials. Additionally, we leverage Cybersmart to ensure guaranteed CyberEssentials standards and certification. Cybersmart is dedicated to simplifying and democratising cybersecurity, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. We strive to equip every business, regardless of scale, with user-friendly and effective tools for self-protection.


Our policy and processes solutions are focused on helping your business to comply with KPIs and regulatory obligations. We help you to gain oversight and certainty over your compliance efforts with effective policy implementation and monitoring.


Gain oversight into your compliance efforts with network monitoring tools that are tailored to track compliance across your organisation.

Policy creation

We will work closely with your organisation to create a detailed and encompassing set of policies, whether its a bespoke IT and internet usage policies or compliance and cybersecurity policies, empowering your business to stay aligned, compliant, and secure. After this, we can help you to put these policies into practice. 


We're trusted experts in compliance and IT policy solutions, offering tailored guidance on policy creation and how to implement them using monitorable and robust IT solutions. 


Our approach to your challenges

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"Our Cyber Security is weak and we are worried about a Cyber Attack."

"We can assess your current Cyber Security and make suggestions and improvements to your system."

"We are worried about whether or not we comply with GDPR."

"We can assist you with all of the regulations you need to meet for GDPR."

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