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Microsoft Teams solves one of its most annoying problems

Teams solves one of its most annoying problems

Better login and logout experiences coming to Microsoft Teams

Juggling multiple login accounts for secure platforms such as e-signature tools should soon be less of a headache for Microsoft Teams users.
The video conferencing platform has revealed it is working on an upgrade that should dramatically simplify the sign-in process for eSign software tools.
The update means that Microsoft Teams users will only have to sign into their e-sign provider account once every 30 days, rather than every time they need to use it, as is currently the case.

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Listed in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap as “Improved login & logout experience for e-signature approvals”, the update will also allow users to log out of any particular e-sign provider account, which had not initially been the case.

This should give all users looking to use e-signature tools for documents such as contracts or approval notices much more peace of mind when it comes to security, as well as eliminating waiting as users struggle to log back in to accounts.

The update is listed as still being in development, but Microsoft has issued a general availability date of May 2022, so it could be released soon.

Upon release, the company says it will be available to Microsoft Teams users across the globe, covering web, desktop and mobile users.
The news is the latest in a series of announcements from Microsoft Teams as it looks to make the platform more secure for users everywhere.

Back in December 2021, the company revealed that end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is available for Teams, making it harder for outside forces such as hackers or fraudsters to gain access to Microsoft Teams and the chats within, hopefully keeping private or valuable information being discussed safe.

However some Microsoft Teams features, including the likes of recording, live caption and transcription, Call park, Call Merge, Call Companion, Call transfer and the ability to add a participant to make a one-to-one call a group call won’t be available when E2EE is enabled.

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