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Harness More Value from Technology for Profit – Some Tech Solutions to Look Into

In the previous article we explored some of the key qualities of modern technologies that drive profitable value for businesses through cost-efficient, value-enhancing solutions that are available today. In this piece, we go into more detail on some specific technologies that can drive value and save money for your business.  

Microsoft 365 

A go-to platform for a set of comprehensive, cloud-based workplace tools, Microsoft 365 offers the traditional capabilities of Microsoft Office, but with many more features, tools and benefits.  

For example, Microsoft Teams has transformed the way that businesses collaborate with its versatile, user-friendly interface that integrates with other Microsoft tools. On Teams, you can edit documents in real-time with colleagues, book virtual meetings in a few clicks, access your calendar, and utilise feature-rich channel and group chat tools.  

Here are some of the key tools offered on Microsoft 365: 

SharePoint: Is an easy way to share documents to a whole team of people at once and to keep them all organised in real time across your business. Its intelligent search features make document searching a breeze, saving time and frustration.  

Microsoft Teams: A business communications frontrunner, Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to do video and voice calls, schedule meetings, direct message and have chats with your whole team in one sleek and intuitive interface.  

Outlook: The Microsoft email service, but on the cloud. Outlook on Microsoft 365 bakes in intelligent AI tools that skilfully filter emails, give you data-driven productivity and collaboration insights and optimisations, and assistance with writing emails.  

Microsoft 365 is a prime example of a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product. It has subscription packages available to suit any business and you pay monthly, based on your package and the number of users that you have. With Microsoft 365, scaling your team and features is doable with the click of a button.  


Cloud Hosting 

Traditionally you would have had to host an email server, website or application yourself in an office, involving electricity and maintenance costs, as well as the complexities of getting the best from your on-premises infrastructure with ease and speed. But with Cloud hosting services, you can outsource your physical IT infrastructure to a cloud provider, who can provide the computing power and storage capabilities that you need with scalable precision. 

With cloud service providers, businesses can let go of large up-front investment costs into IT infrastructure, and simply pay for what they use. In essence, businesses can now access more computing power, at a variable cost that better matches fluctuating demand. 


Managed Security 

Managing data security can be very time-consuming and as the saying goes: time is money! Offloading this responsibility to an experienced managed security provider is an excellent solution. A managed security provider can back up all of your data, make a continuity strategy, and ensure that your networks and endpoints are protected.  

In the previous article we discussed the severe risks of data breaches and cyber-attacks. It’s important to remember that as the world digitises and gets smarter with technology, so will criminals. Some businesses are putting their future at risk by failing to invest a robust and holistic cybersecurity solutions that offer genuine protection from cyber threats. While it does not give direct positive value, cybersecurity stands importantly today as one of the most invaluable areas where technology can add value to businesses, by protecting them. 


Cloud-Hosted VoIP 

Cloud hosted VoIP is one of the most affordable solutions that businesses can tap into, one that requires almost no hardware, making it one of the most promising opportunities for businesses to drive profitable value.  

VoIP allows you to make calls from anywhere with an internet connection. The systems also come packed with features such as auto attendants, call queues, call recording, voicemail-to-email and much more. Call bundles are often included, making it much more affordable to conduct calls, especially when calling overseas. 


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