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Harness More Value from Technology for Profit – What to Look Out for in Modern Technologies

With the current economic climate, harnessing technology to achieve profitable growth is the key to thriving in today’s world. By doing more with less, businesses can enhance their competitive edge, but they may not be sure about how to do it.  

We would recommend creating or reviewing your tech strategy to incorporate roadmaps of new technologies that can drive value and efficiency in your business, making for a healthier bottom line. There are a number of common qualities amongst the most profit-friendly IT solutions today that you should look out for; in this piece we will cover some of the most important ones:  



Cloud computing has become a leading set of solutions that offer flexible and fast scalability to businesses, enabling more control and oversight of your IT spend. Cloud computing solutions include Software-as-a-Service, where internet-hosted software is accessed online, often coming with intelligent AI-driven features, live collaboration and data backup capabilities that drive efficiency and value.  

Other solutions include Infrastructure-as-a-Service, which is where a cloud provider can offer hosting solutions for your data, systems and applications with precision and scalability. Elsewhere, VoIP telephony is another scalable internet-enabled solution that offers more cost-effective telephony capabilities that can also integrate with other cloud-based software programmes.  

In all, the adaptability and scalability that modern cloud computing solutions offer can be a game-changer that enhances efficiency, streamlines workflows, and improves communication and collaboration in a very cost-effective way. It is worth considering how cloud computing can benefit your business’s ability to deliver more value whilst adapting and growing quickly.  


Remote capabilities 

Remote capabilities essentially mean that work can be completed from anywhere, on any smart device. Thanks to remote working capabilities, many businesses have been able to reduce hardware costs, downscale their office space costs, and simplify their IT management without losing their ability to operate efficiently and securely.  

Technology with remote-friendly capabilities can be an excellent way to enhance value and improve profit margins; it can look like virtualised network infrastructure that enables your team to work securely from anywhere, or a particular user platform such as Microsoft 365 that offers a full remote-friendly working environment with comprehensive features.  


Little to no physical infrastructure needed 

Relatedly, traditional IT solutions are becoming more obsolete. Modern IT solutions offer the qualities of simplicity, scalability and agility to businesses today that are ready to leverage them. The cloud is fundamentally driving this emergence of non-local technologies that enable businesses to deliver value without being bound by physical constraints.  

The key benefit of this quality in modern technology, is that it allows you to outsource the costs and responsibilities of maintaining physical IT infrastructure. Remember being in an office decked with servers, complex cabling, and desk-glued telephones and computers? Many businesses are saying goodbye to this traditional IT infrastructure, in order to enjoy the scalable and mobile benefits of modern technology solutions.  



Many cloud services provide software tools that allow you to automate time-consuming menial tasks like accounting, timekeeping, payroll and recruitment. Not only this, but there are also software solutions that specialise in finding opportunities for process automation and implementing it as their core purpose, such as Robotic Process Automation tools.  

With automation, you can save your team’s time from completing more manual kinds of work, enabling them to focus on higher value activities that drive excellent customer results and growth for your business.  



Cyber threats are increasing exponentially in their number and sophistication. As the world digitises, so will commercial criminality. Alongside this, there are more digital compliance requirements that businesses face, most notably the GDPR.  

The GDPR requires any data processors, such as cloud service providers, to have effective security in place to ensure that the personal data they are storing is secure. Aside from potentially hefty fines for violating GDPR, neglecting cyber security poses significant financial and reputational risks. Did you know that Around 60% of SMEs go out of business within 6-months of suffering a cyber-attack? 

Ensure that new technology solutions you are considering have robust cyber security features, including anomaly monitoring, encryption, and multi-factor authentication features to provide a comprehensive set of measures against any cyber threats.  


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