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Is On-Premise IT Still Capable in the Modern World?

Is On-Premise IT Still Capable in the Modern World?

Recent times have led business owners to realise just how uncertain the world of work is, when the pandemic seemed to arrive one day and everything had changed the next – the ramifications of which many are still recovering from to this day.

This realisation has caused business owners around the globe to look for the most efficient way of working should the worst ever happen again. The most common method during the pandemic, and since, is Cloud computing. The Cloud’s abilities are unrivalled – it allows your team to work from anywhere in the world provided they have a stable internet connection, making it a popular choice for most, particularly those who adopted a partially remote working team during the peak of the pandemic. These people quickly realised the benefits of doing this, particularly when managed correctly.
In our previous article we mentioned that the Cloud isn’t necessarily for everyone, as some businesses have no choice but to continue using their on-premise IT, and some may even benefit from employing a combination of the two.

In the remainder of this article we will explore the positives and negatives of on-premise IT and, hopefully, assist you in deciding what option is the right one for you.


The positives of On-Premise IT –

Access – no matter the circumstances

Regardless of whether you have internet connection or not, you are still able to carry out key work functions – whereas on the Cloud a stable internet connection is necessary. This means you always have access no matter what.

You are only dependant on yourself

You are completely self-reliant – your only concern need be your own systems that you depend upon. This is very good, but if your vendor goes out of business and leaves you hung out to dry then you will be unsure on what your next move should be, which in turn could mean a lot of downtime.


The negatives of On-Premise IT –

The upfront investment and continued cost

On-premise IT can be extortionately expensive. The hardware, software, and other services aren’t cheap to keep working efficiently and securely, and they don’t even have a very long lifespan. Typically, on-premise IT solutions have an average lifespan as short as five years – this can make it very difficult to raise the often large capital investment in such a short time – five years is far too frequent for such a large expenditure! Your infrastructure can become dated in that time too, resulting in your failure to receive a good return on your investment – upgrading in the meantime will probably also be costly.

Inability to scale

The Cloud – as already stated – can grow and shrink to your whim as and when you require it to, but On-Premise IT cannot.
It is obvious but your tech must support your business, the way in which you work, and be in the best interests of your team at all times.
Both the Cloud and on-premise IT have their positives and negatives – your decision must be based entirely on what’s right for you, your team, and ultimately the prolonged success of your organisation. As much as we would love to tell you which one is best for you, we can’t, because you must make an educated decision based on the way you carry out your business. We can offer a helping hand on your journey though, and we hope these articles have put you on theright track to making a revised decision that is best for you – if not, get in contact with us and see what our team of experts can do for you.


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