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Now that we have explored some of the potential methods used to threaten your system, let’s in this article explore the technical measures you can introduce that will ensure that your cyber landscape is as equipped as possible to combat those threats.

The technical measures



Firewalls filter traffic passing across a network boundary. The appointed Firewall administrator in your organisation – or IT professional that manages your account (from your provider) – will manage ‘rules’ determining what can and can’t cross that boundary, judged on what factors pose the most risk.

**Multi factor authentication**

Multi factor authentication allows you to know that whoever is attempting to access your system is actually who they say they are. This is done by requesting authentication via another device (via text message or email) to ensure identification. Multi factor authentication is essential to bolster your already capable existing defences.

**Secure passwords**

Passwords are arguably the most important of all security measures. Everyone in the modern world has passwords on one account or another – which makes it perplexing as to why so many don’t use passwords as effectively as possible. The best passwords – as I’m sure you already know – consist of a random collection of letters, numbers, and other characters, all of which should have no meaning or relevance to the user. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember them, and this is why many don’t make them random at all, but they must be as long and as complicated as possible for security purposes.


We will now list some key principles for your team – and yourself – to follow in order to guarantee strong passwords:

•**Length** – the longer the better. Make your password over 10 characters and ensure that it contains a combination of letters and numbers and characters (random, if possible).

•**Difficulty** – If it is too easy to remember then do not use it! Avoid easily guessable passwords with recurring numbers (such as 123, 678), as well as common words/ words that are easily associated with you (eg Petname123).

•**Change** – Change your password periodically. There is a chance your account has been hacked and the cybercriminal is already operating inside your system.

•**Cases** – Use upper- and lower-case letters randomly.

Passwords are often overlooked. This is not good enough, because they are arguably the most important piece of your cyber security landscape and will be the first line of defence for your systems against cyber attacks, so they need to be effective.


**Anti – malware measures**

Anti-malware measures need to be installed on ALL computers and laptops, both at home and in the office. You get a free one from the manufacturer that will do an okay job to a degree, but you cannot trust the free one because it is very basic – hence why it is free – and is not equipped to support your business’ high standards of cyber security.

**Data encryption**

The cyber criminal’s intentions are to encrypt your data, so it is your job to beat them to it and become the key holder. You must voluntarily encrypt your own data. Data encryption is the process of scrambling the readable text of your files and documents so they can only be read by the person who holds the ‘key’ – by doing this you are essentially turning the tables on the cyber criminal and creating further problems for them in trying to gain access.

With the knowledge learnt from these two articles we hope that you feel better prepared to defend your business from cyber threats.


**Ensuring modern tools and practices**

We want our customers to be happy and productive, and that is why our team of dedicated engineers make it their mission to meet any technical challenge you may come across. We make every effort to get to know you, your employees, your business, and, most importantly your goals for the future. We do this to make sure that we find the best technological solution for you to guarantee constant security and business progression. Our years of experience and specialist knowledge of industrial and manufacturing clients, as well as customers in the insurance and design sectors, ensure a top-quality service. Contact our team and let us start our journey together today.

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