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Ensuring Valuable IT Support from Your MSP

In our previous article, we explored what you should be looking for when you’re searching for an MSP.

A managed IT services contract details the ongoing services the MSP will provide your business. These contracts offer a range of benefits, but not every business is getting the full value from their MSP.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can get the most value from yours, and look at the signs that your MSP is giving you your money’s worth.

Involve your MSP in the plans for your IT future.

Many businesses do not even think about involving their MSP when considering new technology, be that apps, software, or hardware. And if the new technology doesn’t integrate with their current infrastructure, there’ll probably be some unexpected work for them!

MSP’s are a wealth of knowledge. Getting them involved in your IT planning will provide additional value because they can quickly determine what is needed to make that new system work in your current environment.

Talk to them about your budget for current and future IT needs.

Your MSP should have a process to help their clients determine how much they will need to spend on IT in the coming year based on your current and future needs.

Budgets are set based on your current IT costs for things like ISP contracts and carrier services. They will also look at the costs of managing your technology lifecycle, subscription renewals, and other vendor contracts. This way, your company knows what costs you will incur next year for the technology you already have.

Knowing what you need to keep aside for ongoing systems will help you understand how much budget you have remaining for new investments.

Utilise the educational content your MSP offers.

Many MSPs put out monthly, or weekly, communications with a wealth of information on important IT news, updates and alerts. Many will also have regular educational information on their website, blog and social media for their clients to access. But, if this information is only going to the main team members the MSP engages with, you’re not getting the full value of this education.

You should distribute the educational material to your team. This is a easy and free way to keep your team informed of the important updates that may impact them as the end user.

Let them manage your software licencing.

When you purchase software through your MSP they should manage your licencing as part of your contract at no additional cost. This helps you avoid the hassle of tracking them yourself, and potentially paying for things you don’t use anymore!

How to know if your MSP is helping you get your money’s worth.

Now you know how to get more value from your MSP, lets have a quick look at the signs that you’re getting your money’s worth from them:

1.Your MSP provides you with reports showing you how your money is spent as well as what you’re getting in return
2.They go through critical areas of your technology to show that they’re doing what they should be doing on a regular basis.
3.They’ve asked you questions about how you do business, in order to determine the level of security you require.
4.They are investing in product research, keeping up to date with the latest information and working on a budget that allows them to continue improving their services.

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