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Data Science and A.I – How They Can Revolutionise Your Business

The modern world is entirely reliant on the effective use of technology – whatever your day consists of, regardless of the industry sector your business resides in, your day is influenced by technology somewhere along the line. We have grown accustomed to our lives running efficiently, and to an accepted quality – thanks to the endless possibilities it offers. Technology’s presence in the workplace is only going to increase; as it evolves and advances it will become ever more prominent in our daily work lives – for most, we are already at a point where our businesses would cease to exist without the help of effective technological tools.


A.I, Machine Learning, and Data Science

A.I (Artificial Intelligence), Automation, and Data Science are arguably some of the biggest technological advancements of all time. They make it possible to reduce human influence, sometimes to the point that hardly any human input is needed at all.
Traditionally, such technological marvels were simply the stuff of science fiction comic books and novels, and it is likely for this reason that a lot of small to medium business owners completely overlook them as an option, presuming such advancements are out of their reach. However, if they take the time to learn more about technology, they will discover that in fact it is more relevant to them than larger businesses.
A.I, Machine Learning, and Data Science – when at their most elaborate, expensive, and innovative – are comparable to those science fiction novels we mentioned. Sophia, the robot, for example, is so advanced that she has been granted the honour of being the planet’s first robot citizen. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t small business uses for them, because in a small business A.I would refer to a logical computerised automated process that would operate within your CRM.

Machine Learning is a form of A.I that allows the system to learn from its experiences, all without specific programming to complete that function – and that is where Data Science comes in. With Machine Learning you can use an algorithm designed specifically to calculate data automatically for you, in the process allowing you time – a statement you will hear often – to analyse the results without having to change the parameters of the data that the algorithm looks for.

Understandably, this can be confusing, so let’s explain it a little further and in slightly simpler language. A form of A.I and Machine Learning will automatically analyse countless types of data according to pre agreed parameters – this will allow you to change the way you complete certain tasks, enabling you to strive for the best outcome.

A.I and Machine Learning are different, and those differences are important. A.I is predominantly focused on computer systems designed to replicate human skills, whereas Machine Learning is focused on data and algorithms designed to make management easier.

A.I, Machine Learning, and Data Science are at the forefront of business innovation in every industry in the world – business owners can be sure that they are achieving full value from their team by making non-creative tasks automatic, in the process saving time and money. It is very simple really – let the machines manage the mundane whilst your team is being creative and providing the delicate touches that no robot can.


Are they a threat or a benefit?

It is understandable that many are apprehensive about using these tools. It isn’t always easy coming to terms with trusting technology with the responsibility of essentially the success of the entire organisation – especially when the ones making the decisions are slightly older and less technologically familiar. But, if implemented correctly with the right education around their use, these revolutionary tools can not only change your organisation for the better but also help it to grow and develop in the process.

The human touch is far superior, isn’t it?

There are, of course, circumstances where the human touch is far superior. We all have an idea of what tech is capable of and its value to business – but take it one step further: the tools we use are not only capable and reliable but capable and reliable to our whim. Unlike your staff team that have sick days, appointments, travel problems and annual leave that effect their ability to work, tech is capable and reliable all day every day, making the right tech cost effective and a dream for business owners. A large change like this new tech can change everything from your customers’ experience through to the way you communicate with others in the industry – this is why it is understandable that this transition is a slightly different process than with previous technological upgrades you have undergone.

Allowing your nerves to get the better of you would be a big mistake. You cannot ignore the incredible capabilities of this new modern technology – it can help your organisation enter a new age of efficiency, and for the first time will allow you to make guarantees regarding your service to your client base. Yes, we said that word – guarantees – a word that most business owners traditionally avoid at all costs, and for good reason, when the majority of the workday is unpredictable and a guarantee would simply be setting yourself up for failure. With technology taking the reins, the quality of work that you are able to achieve – and in turn the level of service you can offer to clients – is not affected by mood, concentration, what’s going on outside the window, or any other human influence. You know you will sustain levels of efficiency from the first minute of the workday to the last, making these guarantees possible.

Let’s use a real business example of where technology can take the strain for you. For example, allowing technology to take the responsibility of your administrative duties would be a great way of making your organisation more accessible. Traditionally, businesses would have a human analyst that would have to manually process all of the data: an exercise that – depending on the size of the organisation – could take days. In the end, there is likely to be errors and it possibly not be as thorough as you would have liked. Modern technology can do this for you to a much higher standard than it’s human counterparts.


The challenges

There are, of course, challenges to overcome too, just like anything that innovates and revolutionises. You must prepare and budget – this is not easy. Take into account the cost of implementation and the time that it could take before not only the implementation is successful but when you are going to begin reaping the benefits of it – if you need help contact us and we will help you on your journey.
Your digital environment must be planned to the smallest detail and have every workflow eventuality programmed into it – don’t be concerned if you don’t know them because your team have all the information you need to make implementation a success. It is essential that you communicate with them to find out the best and worst ways of doing everything – they use the tools and do the job every day, so who is better to listen to in regard to efficient working?

Don’t expect to see the business benefits immediately – it can take quite some time to notice them. But don’t be concerned, as, if you have taken your time and approached implementation and management with the right due diligence and care, then the benefits are imminent.
Transition gradually! This cannot be stressed enough! Don’t throw yourself in head first at the deep end! If you want your team and business to benefit it is essential that you take the implementation slowly, and this will give your users time to become familiar with the new features at their disposal in stages and ensure familiarity and confidence in them. The faster you go the more difficult the transition will be – going too fast will also slow down production and make work functions inefficient.

A.I, Machine Learning, and Data Science are anticipated to become key parts of every business around the globe. Welcome the transition at your own pace now. Don’t rush. You have all the time in the world to ensure that your systems are utilised to the best of their ability.
In the following article we will explore the benefits of the technology we have already discussed above and go into a little more detail about Data Science and its particularly welcome presence in the modern workplace.


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