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Why Business Process Automation is the future for all Businesses big and small

Why Business Process Automation is the future for all Businesses big and small

Picture this, you own your own business, you are doing some work for a client and after the work is finished, they confirm they are satisfied with the service they have received. Then it comes down to you having to work out all of the time spent and all of the tasks you and your business had completed for them, write them all up and send them over to the client and then you wait to be paid for you or your businesses services. By the time you have written up these invoices and sent them to the clients you could have probably completed work for another client in a lot of cases.
This is just one of the prime examples as to why deciding to automate the monotonous and reoccurring processes in your business can save you time and therefore make you money as you can get more work done.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation is when you identify in your business some repetitive and monotonous tasks that are often time consuming and are a waste of a well-trained team member’s time and you can automate those tasks using various software instead.
Automating your business’ processes can help in so many areas:
•First off, free-up skilled resources ensuring that their time is better spent on creative or specialist work, and not on repetitive administrative or menial tasks.

•Second, it can remove any of the human error from tasks that likely occurs as a result of the tasks repetitive nature. Where a person would be trying to do them as fast as possible and would therefore probably make some mistakes; whereas a computer can complete the task at a speed impossible for humans to match and will make no mistakes. While also adding consistency to processes such as invoicing, as computers will only be programmed to execute the task the same exact way, every time.

•Third, if the collection of the time taken, tasks completed and the totalling of the costs is automated, it means that invoices can be sent out moments after the work has been finished – and not hours or days later while the humans catch-up.

When should you use Business Process Automation?

Automation is applicable to a wide variety of the reoccurring business processes. There are, however, some business processes that will of course be difficult or not at all possible to automate; such tasks require flexibility, innovation and creativity. By automating the possible – and creating additional capacity among your human resources for the far more specialist or creative tasks – your team’s time and energy will be spent in a far more productive way.
Tasks that are truly ideal for automation are tasks that require completing on a frequent or at least semi frequent basis. For the best return on your time investment in automating tasks, you’ll want to automate tasks that occur often, such as processes to collect and share data between two separate systems for example, would be an ideal task to automate as it could be happening constantly.

Interesting, but how can this benefit my business?

Automating processes in your business can not only make it easier for you and any employees you may have but it can also help to improve your business.

Creates better Customer Experiences

Because it makes your business faster and more streamlined a knock-on effect of this is that any customer that deals with your business will have a greater experience. Without all of the time spent on doing the menial, repetitive and automatable tasks you can spend more time communicating with clients, responding to their feedback and the faster you can complete their work for them.

Boosts Productivity

Automating your business processes can drastically speed them up. BPA (Business Process Automation) can complete in a fraction of a second what would take an employee or yourself minutes to hours. Over the course of a week, you could easily save hours of time by having the more menial tasks automated.
The Automation is Scalable
Another great thing about the Automation is that it is scalable. For instance, it would take one person ‘X’ amount of time to complete an invoice. However, it would either take the same person much longer to complete 50 invoices for all of the different clients. Whereas if this process was automated then they all be done lightning fast and simultaneously.


Business Process Automation is about trying to make your business and subsequent business practices as streamlined as conceivably possible to make sure that you are being as productive as possible with the time that you and your employees spend working. If you were to go ahead with automating your business processes, it would become immediately obvious where a lot of the time was being spent by the work force on menial tasks and this is exactly what BPA helps so much with.
At Armco, we can assist you with putting these automated systems in place to keep your business productive and efficient. Whether it is your currently, in place, systems that you wanted to automate or you had a new automated system that you wanted to put in place, our team of experts can help and guide you through it.

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