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How to Maintain Your Microsoft 365’s Security

Now that we know better, we can no longer assume that just because a business is small, it is immune to cyberattacks. Since most small firms have much weaker levels of protection than their larger competitors, you are really more likely to be attacked.

This prompted us to research Microsoft 365 security measures. Because we are aware that the majority of businesses rely on the power of Microsoft 365, we have concentrated on some of the most common hacking techniques used to target your system.

This article will go over several cyber security measures you may take to protect your system from intrusions and the effects those intrusions are likely to have.


What might occur if there is a successful breach?

• Business masking – If a hacker gained access to your Microsoft 365 system, it would be devastating. Your contacts and email history would be completely accessible to them, providing them the chance to learn personal details about your business. They are fully aware of who you do business with and how much money is transferred with each company, and they have the power to remove or share that information. Alternatively, you can unintentionally make your machine a potential target for future attacks.
• Data Theft – Your OneDrive and SharePoint libraries’ contents are subject to loss, destruction, and deletion. This would be detrimental to your company since, in addition to putting you in legal trouble, it would be challenging to regain the faith of the customers whose data was stolen.
• Theft of private information – It’s very likely that you maintain documents that include login information for external systems or, in the worst case scenario, customer or corporate financial information. Once more, it might be disastrous and perhaps fatal for the organisation if specific information were stolen.


Microsoft 365 – The tool that makes it all possible

Millions of people can work thanks to the cloud environment powered by Microsoft 365. For some of us, it dates back to our formative years and has been a constant in our lives for a considerable amount of time. Without regular use, we are unable to complete our everyday activities. Since it has been in use, it has become more capable of considering almost every situation. It will unavoidably allow in a flood of emails, some of which will be dangerous due to how frequently it is used.


Securing Microsoft 365

There are two critical difficulties that must be resolved in order to guarantee the security of your system. The first step is to create a thorough policy that explains to all users inside your organisation how to access and use Microsoft 365 properly. All facets of the platform should be covered by this policy, including email, file sharing, and collaboration capabilities, among others. The second crucial element is putting in place suitable controls and security measures for any technology your business uses. In order to prevent unauthorised access to your network and sensitive data, this includes putting firewalls, antivirus software, and other security measures in place. You may greatly improve the security of your system and defend your company from cyber threats by taking care of these two problems.


Tech defences

Cyber risks have grown to be a significant problem for enterprises in the modern digital age. Technical protections exist, though, that can shield businesses from these dangers. When fraudsters imitate a company’s domain, there are protections to prevent “spoofing” assaults. Other protections include avoiding opening or downloading harmful email attachments, such as ransomware and malware, and thwarting phishing attempts with the aid of technologies like email filters. Additionally, these safeguards can stop unauthorised people from intercepting or accessing email content and attachments. Businesses may protect themselves from cyber threats and secure their sensitive information by putting these technology defences in place.


Your Users

Users are without a doubt the system’s most vital line of defence. No matter how much money you spend on technology security, your system is still open to attack, and all it takes is one click for your business to potentially collapse.

These hazards are caused by your users’ use of Microsoft 365 and depend on:
• Sharing files and documents
• Email messages’ capacity for sharing potentially sensitive information
• The assigned rights and level of system access
• How difficult their password is and whether it is exclusive to Office 365 or used as a generic password for other services.


Microsoft 365 security defaults – what are they?

You can set up cyber security settings for your users and activate them to automatically enforce a number of laws wherever they are on the planet. Security defaults are free and available if your company uses at least the free tier of the Azure Active Directory service. Users who have used Office 365 for some time but have never utilised them may believe that they cost extra or are part of a more expensive plan.

Let’s examine a few security defaults, including:
• Demand that all users sign up for MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
• Make MFA a requirement for all system administrators.
• Demand MFA actions from users after specific actions
• Disallow older types of authentication.


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