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Essential ways to guarantee cyber security | What’s out there?


Recent technological advancements – and our reliance on it – have jettisoned cyber security to the very top of our business concerns. Cyber criminals are no longer tech geniuses – they look just like you and I. New technologies allow cyber attacks to be facilitated from any device by any non-IT specialist criminals. Your business is more likely now than ever before to become a victim of a cyber attack. Bearing in mind the heavily digitised world that our businesses operate in nowadays, the best course of action needs to be a cautious one, because it is essential that you are prepared for anything.

Over the next two articles we will help you to become familiar with the threats that jeopardise your systems. We will also highlight some of the tools you can implement to ensure that your system is as safe as it can be.


*The need for good quality cyber security defences no matter the size of your organisation.*

The warnings are everywhere: you must be prepared for a potentially business defining cyber attack. Is it really as important as everyone makes out?
Technology is the lynchpin of modern business. Organisations in the modern world wouldn’t stand a chance of offering the quality of service expected in the modern age without it. Problems come with it, of course, as is with everything that innovates, and our reliance on tech has highlighted a unique opportunity for cyber criminals. If a cyber criminal gains access or control over your system, they have the power to do damage that could render your business unrecognisable, and in some cases there is no way of stopping them.

As we have already stated, your cyber security is arguably more important than your physical security in the modern world. This being said, many business owners don’t spend nearly as much time preparing their systems in the eventuality of a cyber attack; in fact, their systems are often left vulnerable to exploitation by cyber criminals. Unfortunately, the reality is that they are more likely to be attacked this way than physically. The efforts you go to in defending your house or business from criminals should be mirrored in your efforts to defend those very systems that are essential for your business to function.


Here are some of the methods that cyber criminals may use to attack your systems:

The cyber threats


Malware is software designed with the sole intention of causing harm, or as the vessel for a cyber criminal to steal your data. Malware can take many forms and is commonly managed by a group instead of an individual; the group are looking to make money – that is their sole intention – which they do by selling the Malware over the dark web or simply spreading it themselves.

**Phishing attacks**

Phishing scams come in many different forms; cyber criminals will most commonly assume a false identity with the intention of extracting sensitive information directly from their victim. The false identity adopted by the cyber criminal is usually someone trusted or at the very least familiar to the target individual – a bank or a work colleague, for example. They do this via email, partially because it is the quickest and easiest form of reaching their desired target and also because it is one of the few ways that their ruse may be believed.

**Ransomware attacks**

Ransomware is most commonly associated with file encryption. The attack is designed to force victims into paying a ransom in order to gain back access to their encrypted files or disabled systems. The hackers infect your system – or, if you’re lucky, just a device – which is followed by a message to their target demanding a fee on the promise they will give you a ‘decryption key’ to regain access to your system.
The cyber criminals will threaten the victim with the deletion or distribution of that sensitive data should the ransom not be paid. Some business owners – due to the pressure – pay the attackers – do not do this! Think about it. Criminals are criminals, they will lie and cheat to get what they want. Do you really think they will give your data back without any more problems?


The correct course of action is to prevent the attack from ever happening in the first place, which can only be achieved by being educated on the risks, and being alert to those risks, whilst also having technical security defences in place.
In the following article we will take a look at the technical measures you can implement to be sure you are defending your system to the best of your ability.


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