Bespoke IT Solutions

We have designed a number IT solutions to satisfy specific business problems and again our focus in designing these is use IT to lessen our our impact on the environment. The following represents just a sample of what we can provide:

Low reliance on computing systems with a move to The Cloud


This is our managed data service where we use the cloud to make enterprise-class technologies affordable – so you needn’t compromise on performance, security or features.

Our portfolio is made up of four core solutions

[Backup]  Security for your business

  • Online Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Email and Web Filtering
  • Data Control and Destruction

We provide enterprise-class solutions that reduce the cost, risk and hassle of IT management.

Our cloud-based backup, disaster recovery, email security and data encryption services will keep your business protected. So whatever happens, you stay secure and productive.

Web/Email filtering
Small and medium sized businesses have the same need for online security as larger enterprises, but may not have the dedicated resources and time to deploy their own solutions. A hosted service to protect against security threats from the web is ideal in this situation. This will allow you to focus on your business while your business gets the protection that it needs. Our solutions are backed by 24x7 support, with money back guarantees if performance levels are not met. 

Bespoke server systems 
Backup and storage systems
Remote access 
Security solutions – anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls 
Document and information management
Thin client solutions



As companies grow, it becomes increasingly important for IT equipment to be linked so that staff can easily communicate with one another, share files and use common printers. A network solution provided by Armco IT will ensure that all of your IT works perfectly together, saving you valuable time and resources. Read about how we helped staff at Patrick Stephenson Limited to work more efficiently by networking their office.

Server systems
In simple terms, a server is a special computer that 'serves' files, data, print and fax resources to other computers, both within an office and for companies that have branches at different sites. Every company is different and we have extensive experience of finding the right server to suit a specific business. This will streamline your operation and allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. Not only can we provide advice on the best options available, but can also install the server with the minimum of disruption. We can also suggest options that have less impact on the environment. The servers that we installed at Zarafa Holdings Limited have made a significant improvement to the way in which this expanding company works. Read more in their case study.

Backup and storage systems
Your business handles more and more data every day, making it essential to have the computer storage capacity to deal with this securely and efficiently. Let Armco IT review your current storage capacity, assess what backup you require and ensure that the solution chosen is ready to meet the future growth of your business. Armco IT offers comprehensive data protection solutions to optimise backup and recovery processes, helping to reduce the risk of data loss or corruption. Read our Case Study about Rohan Woodworking Limited to see how the storage solution set up by Armco averted major problems when the company's factory burnt down in 2009. If you are interested in online backup systems, more information is available about this solution in the Managed Data Services section.

Remote access
We can fix a large proportion of issues remotely by accessing desktops via a link from our offices. This system is easy to set up and very secure, saving time and resources. This has proved to be an extremely efficient method of working.

Security solutions – anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls
Electronic information is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets within a business and you owe it to your business and your customers to protect this data from online threats. These threats, which include viruses, spam, spyware, phishing and inappropriate content, present real business risks such as impact to business continuity and loss of confidential information, all of which can have significant financial implications. We offer a wide range of affordable security packages to stop both known and unknown threats and to provide around the clock protection for your business, whatever its size.
If you are unfortunate enough to have already downloaded a virus, prompt action can often limit the amount of damage caused. Read our advice about what to do in the event that your computer picks up a virus or alternatively contact our offices.
You may also want to read our article about 'scareware' published in the July edition of Armco News. [LINK TO NEWSLETTER]

Document and information management
Would you like an office that is free of paper? Armco IT can provide you with easy-to-use software to turn paper documents into digital files, which will take care of all of your document storage and management problems. Documents stored via this system are extremely easy to retrieve and also creates a watertight audit trail of all of your documents, helping you to achieve regulatory compliance and adhere to the Data Protection Act.

Read the Case Study about Zarafa Holdings Limited to see how INVU has benefitted their company.

Businesses are increasingly demanding higher quality and faster broadband to enable them to work more efficiently. For this reason, we have teamed up with Nynet, a commercial venture that was originally established by North Yorkshire County Council to provide high-speed broadband to the public sector. Additional funding means that extra capacity in this network can now be used to open the market up to Internet Service Providers who can supply the private sector. This solution has numerous benefits that help users to be more efficient and cost effective. Find out whether your company can benefit from Nynet by contacting Armco IT. [LINK TO PDF]

Thin client solutions
Why use a fully featured PC for server-based computing when you can have everything you need in a reliable small but powerful thin client? Without fans and rotating drives, thin clients are reliable, fail-safe and silent, whether they are used with a remote desktop protocol, which runs your software on a Terminal Server across the Internet, or for accessing a database through a local area network. Contact us if you would to find out more or would like to trial a product.

Managed data services
We can take the complexity and burden out of managing infrastructure, software and support by designing and/or hosting your system for you. We offer the following managed data services to complement our existing portfolio of services:

Hosted data server
Armco IT will design servers, software and security requirements to suit your needs and then host and manage them all for you.

Hosted exchange server
We offer a solution that will lower your messaging costs, increase productivity and safeguard your business. The solution is flexible and simple and gives you the freedom to securely access all of your communications – including email, voice mail, instant messaging – from virtually any platform, Web browser or device so that you can work from wherever you choose. Read how our hosted exchange solution improved the way in which Lunchbox Productions works.

Contact us to find out more information about any of these managed services.

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