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In 2007, Gartner Inc. (an information technology research and advisory company) estimated that information technology and communications were responsible for around 2% of global CO2 emissions. While this demonstrates that IT is by no means the worst culprit, we can all help to reduce our overall environmental impact by using IT in an innovative and effective way. Armco has been offering 'greener' solutions for many years now by promoting low-power, low-emission systems and solutions such as thin clients, Fujitsu hardware and document management software. These aim to minimise our clients’ carbon footprint and lessen their impact on the environment. We also resolve an increasing number of support issues remotely, which reduces travel time and has the added benefit of an immediate response.

There are many ways in which workplaces can become greener. Here are some of the tips that we suggest at Armco IT:

Studies in Canada have shown that computers are only used for about twelve per cent of the time they are running and are often left on overnight or during weekends. Remember to turn both your computer and monitor off at the main switch at the end of the day, preventing energy being used while equipment is on standby. We also suggest that you use alternatives such as a power strip that makes it easy to turn all of your computer devices off at the same time.

The power management values of most PCs and laptops can be set as follows:
1.Go to 'Control Panel'.
2.Click on Power Options'.
3.Select the 'Power Saver' option.

This gives you the option to change the settings for turning off the display and putting the computer to sleep. By clicking on 'Change advanced power settings', you can also change other settings, such as the time after which the hard disk is turned off.

The recommended settings for the lowest level of energy consumption are:

Screen off 10 min
HD off 15 min
Standby 20 min
Hibernating 1 hr

First consider whether the equipment needs to be replaced at all. Businesses often think that they need desktops that are far more powerful than are required to run typical office applications. Bearing this in mind, upgrading the processor may be a more practical solution than completely replacing the equipment.
If it does prove necessary to replace the equipment, Armco tries to ensure that the hardware we supply is as friendly to the environment as possible. We may also suggest alternatives such as notebooks and thin clients. These use other forms of technology that generate less heat and thus use less energy. Also remember that laptops use far less energy than desktops, and Macs use less energy than standard PCs. You will be able to find more information on the EC Energy Star site, where there is a database of the energy consumption and main performance data of most office equipment and a useful energy calculator www.eu-energystar.org.

Many of these can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the environment. Our IT greener solutions show the symbol:


*** If you would like to find out more about greener solutions, call us on 01653 699513 ***

Further information can also be found on the Carbon Trust website: http://www.carbontrust.co.uk/policy-legislation/small-businesses/pages/sme.aspx. Under their ‘Help for small businesses’ section, they offer 0% business loans for replacing equipment with energy saving options.

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