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Want a paperless office? Armco IT can provide you with easy to use and affordable software that turns paper documents into digital files. The software has been produced by Invu and Armco has been an Invu partner since 2002.

The solution takes care of all of your document storage and management problems. It is used by over 4,500 businesses, including manufacturing firms, construction businesses, accountants, financial advisors and charities.

Small and medium sized businesses in the UK currently waste up to one hour a day looking for documents. This costs them on average £4,400 per week in operating costs. This time and money could be saved by using INVU and has managed to reduce the operating costs of one Invu customer by £110,000 per year. Benefits include:

* managing and sharing work more efficiently
* improving your service to customers and suppliers 
* freeing up your staff for more important work 

Another of the major benefits of this system is that it creates a watertight audit trail of all of your documents, helping to achieve regulatory compliance. It also enables you to adhere to the many rules that companies currently face, such as money laundering regulations and ISO 9000 quality management standards. The system is ideal for those working in the legal and financial sectors, such as accountants, financial advisors and legal firms.

A range of products is available, including a product called Invu To Go aimed at small businesses. The cost of the system varies depending on the size of your company and your needs. Prices start from as little as £1 per day.

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For a video explaining the benefits of Invu and how document management could help you, click here.

For a demonstration of how the INVU document management software operates, click here.

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